Złotnickie Lake

Having seven years experience in the hydrotechnical industry I consider dams as one of the most complex and demanding water structures at all stages of the investment process. Any mistake, oversight during designing, building and exploitation of the object involves some risk. The occurrence of the most serious can cause catastrophic results.I regard water dams […]

Winter 2020

Winter is the only season of the year which I welcome with a reserve and a set of doubts due to not only demanding – especially the temperatures – weather conditions but mostly the possibility of appearance the worst situation such as frozen reservoirs. Being kept off from my favourite passion is what I can’t […]

My vitamin B

B vitamins are one of those substances that support the whole body work properly. You may find them in food yeast, nuts, dairy products or vegetables. My vitamin B is something slightly different. Although it is not available in food products and it can’t be absorbed by digestive system it gives the same effects: improves […]