Hello 2020!

During the Christmas holidays I got my hands on “Different Pulses” an album by Asaf Avidan musician from Israel. The song “One day” belonged to my favourite ones so I returned to listen to it with pleasure. Consequently, the song has stayed in my house for longer.

“One day baby, we’ll be old
Oh baby, we’ll be old
And think about the stories that we could’ve told”

The chorus, once ignored by me, this time I took to heart and made my life motto which I repeat to myself every morning before getting out of bed and being caught into arms of everyday life.
Living my life best to have something to remember in my old age has become my only one resolution for 2020.

I entered the New Year waltzing giving up my tradition of spending New Year’s Eve in the privacy of my bedroom. I decided to say goodbye to 2019 expressing my gratitude for calm and positive stream. It was an intensive year full of special moments and fantastic events. Undoubtedly travelling brought the most. I’m pleased that I could explore new places with close to me people. I’m grateful for new friendships. I appreciate the time devoted to me and the hospitality that made me feel at home.
I’m glad that I had courage to use opportunities that appeared on my way during past twelve months. I’m proud that I didn’t give up during the moments of crisis thanks to which I achieved all my goals.

The first calm and full of attractions week of the new year is behind me. The following ones are to be welcomed.

What to wish you for 2020? Probably the same as for me myself: health and life calmness so that we can enjoy everyday’s life colouring it with unforgettable stories written not only on the water.

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