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„Broken!!! No, not legs! Nails! It’s time!!!
It is how my phone talk with friend of mine, who has been the master for my nails stylisations for the last year, sounded like which I had after my coming back from SUP trip greeting this year Spring.
Previously Magda convinced me to use the hybrid varnish on my nails while this year I asked her to do that myself.

Damages of nail plates are the most often problems which I experience while floating on the board. Breaking nails appear during surfing. Frequent wipeouts, entering the board and carrying the gear, which behaves like a kite in windy conditions, cause the most damages.

Hybrid varnish is a product protecting best my nail plates against damages. The durability of the coating up to 3 weeks is a convenience for me which works during the SUP season – that is when while increased floating on the board.
What’s more, it is complement to my sport and everyday summer stylizations which I can enhance them with crazy colour combinations.

I started SUP Season 2019 having my nails painted in sky-blue. The wave motif emphasised not only a place of my rest but mainly a fascination of surfing which I inaugurated the new season with.

  • Base ‘Hard Base’ Nr 4744 – NeoNail
  • Varnish ‘Cool Breeze’ Nr 6957 – NeoNail
  • Varnish ‘Milk Shake’ Nr 2696 NeoNail
  • Glitter ‘Arielle Effect’ Nr 00 – NeoNail
  • Top ‘Dry Top’ Nr 5300 – NeoNail

Magda’s proposal based on this year’s trends was represented by floral motifs, maintained in subdued colours, applied on a transparent base.

  • Base ‘Hard Base’ Nr 4744 – NeoNail
  • Ink for rapidograph Black NeoNail
  • Varnish ‘Bon Voyage’ Nr 543 – SEMILAC
  • Varnish ‘Light Aquamarine’ Nr 522 – SEMILAC
  • Varnish ‘Wild Heart’ Nr 6177 – NeoNail
  • Varnish ‘Never Give Up’ Nr 6178 – NeoNail
  • Top ‘Dry Top’ Nr 5300 – NeoNail

I can’t imagine my summer nail stylings without my favourites thermal varnishes. Dynamics of colour change absorbs not only my attention. I like to see my male colleagues who try to understand the phenomenon of my nails. A crowd of onlookers appears usually when I make coffee – it’s a comic situation.

  • Baza ‘Hard Base’ Nr 4744 – NeoNail
  • Lakier Thermo ‘Purple Rain’ Nr 5190NeoNail
  • Top ‘Dry Top’ Nr 5300 – NeoNail

Nails in a quite bold colour combination made the biggest impression on me. The effect exceeded our expectations. Harmony was achieved despite the use of varnishes with intense colours and breaking monotony with geometrical shapes. This stylization was created especially for my participation in the Planet Baltic SUP Race 2019 in Kołobrzeg.

  • Base ‘Hard Base’ Nr 4744 – NeoNail
  • Varnish ‘Old Pink’ Nr 200SEMILAC
  • Varnish ‘Turquoise’ Nr 267SEMILAC
  • Varnish ‘Fresh Nectarine’ Nr 5536 – NeoNail
  • Varnish ‘Milk Shake’ Nr 2696 – NeoNail
  • Varnish ‘Pure Black’ Nr 2996 – NeoNail
  • Varnish ‘Agitated Ocean’ Nr 5605 – NeoNail
  • Varnish ‘Pastel Blue Nr 3648 NeoNail
  • Varnish ‘Blue Hiacynth Nr 5405 – NeoNail
  • Varnish Thermo ‘Glossy Satin’ Nr 6631 – NeoNail
  • Top ‘Dry Top’ Nr 5300 NeoNail

Two more stylisations before I let my nails recover. How would look like? I don’t know. Projects are top secret. I will be surprised before making.

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