Autumn 2018

I adore Autumn for the colorful values of nature which I prefer to admire while being on the water. Except cycling tours in the forest, water SUP rambles on the lakes in my neighborhood give me the biggest pleasure. I’m aware of the weather at this time of the year which determines my sport plans. I choose floating on SUP on friendly conditions. The purchase of wetsuit increased the frequency of practising this sport during off-season which made me less sensitive on weather conditions. Both checking the wetsuit’s capabilities and overcoming the thermal limitations of my body motivated me to float on SHARK as often as possible.

I welcomed the Autumn floating on my board in prepared schedule of water trips for the next 2 months. My ambitious SUP’s plan was verified at the very beginning of October which I spent on recovering myself from the illness. Being stubborn, I launched the board for almost whole November trying to make up the lost 3 weeks in October. To be honest, it really was the only month when I managed to float regularly once a week.






I may say that the more sun and less wind, the more pleasure you get doing this sport in the off-season after 2 month’s wetsuit tests. The neoprene thickness 3/2 is enough for me to achieve thermal comfort in temperature above 10°C. It wasn’t a problem for me to SUP in 3°C to 10°C provided sunny day and lack of wind. The presence of the sun had salutary effect when I stood on the board in temperature slightly above 0°C. The black wetsuit absorbed the sun rays warming my body. I managed to float on the board at -3°C but achieving thermal comfort in the wetsuit was possible only when I was on the move. My feet were the most freezing parts of my body although wearing neoprene shoes and overmastering the technique of stepping on the board with “dry foot”. Being surprised by this discovery I’m going to buy warmer shoes. I take in consideration the purchase of another wetsuit made of thicker neoprene. First I will check what notices bring me floating on my board during the Winter before the final decision.

Proposition of my participation in Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit at the end of November appeared in the right time for me. The business trip to Warsaw sounded like a very good idea to smooth my Autumn blues and tiredness away. I could combine matters of business and private, mainly related to my blog, thanks to the possibility of extending my stay in the capital to 1 week. My presence in the conference, dedicated to women performing in technology, started on 27th November 2018. During 2 days the EXPO XXI Warsaw building was the place of meetings, sessions, workshops about the women’s position and contribution to the development of the technological industry worldwide. Seriously, the event worth recognition.

I started the private prat of my stay on Thursday, November 29th, using this time to get to know people and places which I would have never known about if I hadn’t  been floating on SUP. I won’t share any details with you right now, just follow the new posts on my blog. Despite the freezing cold, I was exploring Warsaw on foot so that I could see as much as possible between appointments. Bistro Charlotte on Grzybowy Square was a perfect place for me because of it’s location. It was my headquarter and meeting place with my friends – formerly Szczecin habitants and for a year staying a Warsaw. Preparing myself for interviews and work on my blog went best in this café. Nothing motivated me more than hot coffee and a crunchy croissant with an orange jam. After eating such set I could sightseeing the whole capital on foot.

After 7 days of my staying I can share the opinion that Warsaw is beautiful even at this time of the year. I decided to come back to Szczecin with a feeling of dissatisfaction, putting off sightseeing The Royal Łazienki Park and aimless trip by M2 underground line for the next visit in Warsaw.

Becoming lazy by a week’s leave in the capital I had to deal immediately with pre – Christmas duties schedule. “The Clean House for Christmas” campaign started 3 weeks before the holidays. As a consequence, I spent 2 decades of Autumn in December with nothing intellectual. My main physical efforts were cleaning works. I took care of arm muscles while scouring the windows, whereas cleaning the floors and walking up and down stairs strengthened my thighs and bottom. Working on my blog was difficult for me and possible only in the evenings. I could forget about SUP. That is why I was looking forward to Christmas having secret hope to start the Winter on the water, together with SHARK.

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