The crew

It is incredible that today is 7th month of existence of my blog Engineer on High Heels. Time flies!

It is the huge challenge to me running my own blog. I have been constantly facing my own limitations. People who know me in person are aware that I try to do everything perfectly. I grew up with that. I was taught to be 100% person involved in every activity. I feel responsible for to do the best I can. I don’t approve inferiority. Friends say that I don’t believe in my abilities. Apparently, I have little to offer. I didn’t know what to answer when Nadia was trying to persuade me to start writing a blog. I found the idea silly because I didn’t feel good enough to run it and my life too boring to share it with others.
Nadia finally won. She convinced me. She probably wouldn’t be for me so convincing, if she wasn’t a surfer. The first post was published on August 22nd,2017.
Nadia, my SUPGIRL! Thank you for motivating me towards better future. It is good sometimes to listen to others. Thank you.

I treat the blog as a challenge and a way to pick up new skills. I face my own demons and limit criticism of myself. I sometimes wake up in the morning stressed that I lose the inspiration one day and I push away a thought what if the readers get bored by blog.

I would like to use today post to introduce the crew of Engineer on High Heels.
I’m responsible for texts, translations, photos, movies … Unfortunately I’m not able to follow a technical aspects of running the blog. Maybe I will improve my knowledge in IT someday. I rely on a professional so far. I would like to introduce a person who (the same as me) has difficulties to accept compliments. He stays firm while I repeat a sentence: “Wow, you are so clever!” for a hundredth time. Thomasz is a computer magician. He can eliminate efficiently – like the Terminator – any technical problems at any time of the day, 7 days a week. I must thank him for patience and understanding. Thomasz, admit that I’m clever one and you admire how fast I manage my net profile. Ok, it was supposed to be about you.

An esthetics is protected by a friend of mine I have known for 9 years. She is a person with incredible sensitivity and great artistic talent. That is why her agreement to give me a hand in photo editions makes me so happy. She shares the knowledge easily in photography. I appreciate her commitment especially now when she devotes herself to the family. I try to solve problems by myself before asking Magda for help. Whenever selfie stick fails or my another acrobatics is not enough to take the perfect photo I call to Magda for a favor to rescue what I did. She has never denied. Thank you Magda for mental support too.

When I started the blog I decided it to be bilingual. There was no sense to write only in Polish. Most of my friends live abroad. It was a reason to use English too. I admit I warm up slowly.
Nadia was the first to help the posts. I decided to improve my English having regular classes since she left. This is how I got to the teacher I owe the best language progress in my youth. An irreplaceable Andrew. I love our meetings. He reminds me that there is nothing like text translation. He urges me to change my habits: “ You have to think and write in English. Otherwise you are not able to create good post”. It is hard to me. I appreciate that my teacher is critical to what I write. I hold my breath every time he checks my texts, wishing to avoid shame. Mistakes make both us laugh. Then I accept remarks which convince me that I’m more and more clever. I believe that our meetings give a lot of joy for both of us. I admit that I like lessons now more than before. Thank You Andrew. I can’t imagine to cooperate with anyone else.

My readers, do you know what is the most important? I manage to run my blog being surrounded by people who give me their precious time not expecting anything instead. I couldn’t wish better crew for myself.

I would like to thank all of you who are selflessness.

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