Opening The SUP Season 2020

It is pure courtesy asking me about my plans for the long weekend in May. I’ve been spending it at the Polish coast for years and I can’t imagine anything different. I probably seem to be monothematic and boring in my love to the sea and the chosen destination but the 380 km of the Baltic coast is for me a perfect place to detox from the daily routine and catch the distance to everyday life. My body and soul regenerate best there.

Opening the SUP season is undoubtedly the main goal of my long May weekends. I have been continuing successfully the tradition of first launching of my SHARK on the Baltic Sea on May 1st since 2017. I didn’t believe it would be possible this year.

It was something unusual to experience to be outside after almost two months of isolation at home. I enjoyed being at large. I missed nature as much as the wonderful Baltic landscapes with dramatic cliffs in the foreground. These I could admire in peace and quiet which are something unusual at this time.

SUP session in the evening during the light of the setting sun on the Baltic gently swinging was the best moment of the day for chillout on the water. I wanted rather calm myself down than cover a distance. I felt relief as soon as I pushed myself off the shore by my paddle. I was unreachable for others. I was alone. It was my time. Just me and SHARK. The vastness of the sea. A beautiful perspective delighting me for many years. I returned after reaching the sign of the 383 km shoreline when the sun was slowly ending its day. I sat on the board put the paddle down and gave control to the Baltic Sea. I gained time for thinking which accompanied me till the end of my water walk.

SUP has been the first sport in my life that I have been doing for long and achieved results in. It is my therapy against stress and bad mood too. I’m glad that it is still effective. It is amazing that euphoria and excitement appear during each SUP session regardless of the place and weather conditions although three years passed. I’m amused by my reaction in spite of being burdened by the equipment I speed up my steps as soon as I hear or see the water, just can’t wait to launch. I don’t know if the moment when I find floating boring ever comes. However, discovering the world from my board is fantastic and satisfying adventure by far that I would like to experience as often and long as possible.

I decided not to make plans for the SUP Season 2020 since the situation in Poland and in the world is uncertain. I wish I were healthy and had a lot of free time to not only develop my passion but also step on the water whenever I want. I would like to wish the same to all of you.

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