Free time

Major advantage of being unemployed is free time and more, more and more spare time for you.

It would be a perfect opportunity to think about the future and draw conclusions from your mistakes in the past. The experience from failures should serve as an attitude to life. If you do not know what you want, just find out what you don’t want in your life.

I still haven’t clarified everything in the past. The chapter related to get rid of work has still been opened just because the fight for compensation from the former employer. Any question about this aspect of my life makes me react nervously and gets bad emotion out of my chest immediately.

The registration at the office of jobless was a challenge for me. You not only start to walk on an unknown path but also have to think over and over your situation. The feeling of shame or hopelessness is the basis, because what could you tell your family, friends. I may add decline in selfesteem to the list. You realize that the situation is just real. Your body is temporary paralyzed which makes it impossible to get up from bed. The fear is so strong that you prefer to hide under the duvet. If you don’t open the window shutters and sleep through your life, you will avoid the confrontation with the reality and gain a seemingly sense of security.

I experienced the phase of sleep, lying down on the couch and watching TV. I passed the stage of crying and self-pity. I still ask myself why this has happened to me? What did I do wrong? Some things are still incomprehensible to me. I blame myself for the whole situation. It is not easy to hear: you exaggerate the problem, you got what you requested. Consequently, it is impossible to accept and reconcile the situation, while you don’t understand why this once has appeared in your life.

I myself take time and I stop to push myself in hurry. My mood depends on day. The first revival came in spring. The lack in finding a job decreased my motivation. I acted without any plan. I have just been waiting …

The selection of job offers was very limited so I was wondering what else I might do in my life.
Civil engineering – yeah, ok … It would be foolish to waste an experience and knowledge, which I obtained during career. The cooperation with designing offices as well as executive companies give the information not only of situation on the market, but also level of money you get. You should learn your friend’s working conditions so you can avoid involving in a worst job. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find better payed job having the profession as mine (more details later).

When I hear a question of what position I would like to apply for some sarcastic answers appear in my mouth: a wife of an oligarch, a disco dancer or a face on an anti-smoking campaign on cigarette packs.

I used to be between the age 24 and 33:

  1. Belly Dancer
  2. Interior Designer
  3. Garden Designer
  4. Event Organizer
  5. Furniture Designer
  6. Photographer


Not bad, isn’t it?

What can I be in the future?
I don’t know. I repeat the sentences: “Dear, it’s not your time yet … Enjoy your life, you don’t have to do anything” every time my job application is rejected.

All things in right time !

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