Only 4 days left to Christmas Eve. This is a time in every woman’s life when she becomes extremely nervous and stressed. Sleep deprived chronically due to the challenges faced by her and race against time. Constantly frustrated because the longer she watches television, the harder she wants to come near the ideal Christmas straight from commercials. In this case, she constantly returns to the same activities. Windows cleaned at the beginning of December and carpets washed a week before Christmas are dirty again.
However, she bravely crosses another activity from the list of things needed to be done until December 24th. She changes fitness leggings for stretched track suit to clean the floor with the same commitment as the workout 3rd time this week. Such brave housewife wakes up with pain in the muscles every morning then walks them off with the dog and buying some missing ingredients for Christmas Eve on the way. Thank God she doesn’t have to run to shopping malls and buy gifts to all members of her family but only for one gift for a raffle.
She is left alone as it happens in life of a woman. Despite the wide audience in the form of: a dog, 2 cats on kitchen table top she can’t count on their help. Quite the opposite. They are pests. Small spongers. Real gourmands (gourmdzillas) … penetrating pots, frying pans, roasting pans. The smell of fish, roasted meat influences them like a drug. They become restless, aggressive and hyperactive. They walk around the table, jump on kitchen table to hunt for a piece of meat illegally. A housewife becomes more and more powerless. She even can explode with anger. Negotiations with animals don’t bring any effect. After all you have to treat them like humans. The towel gets into motion. It is impossible to take over the pack.
The perfect housewife is still fighting for a perfect Christmas. Everything in hurry, everything on the run.

Do you have that too?

I want to strike sometimes. I would like just to sit down, talk to my family and enjoy one another not necessarily in the cleaned living room and abundantly set table. I promise myself every year that I will not get myself in this madness. Hard. I have to admit that I am not good in that. However, I try to do something useful for someone.
It has been 2 years since I asked my friends for small donations to homeless cats which have been under the care of a lovable lady for many years because most of the animal needs are funded by her. So I decided to help. I always put a basket under the Christmas tree in the living room that is usually filled up at the end of December. Friends and family didn’t disappoint me a year ago so I hope that we will collect enough cat food and other things this time. It is priceless to see a smile on Mrs. Danuta’s face.

I promised myself that I won’t write too much this time. It came out as usual. I have to get back to work.
Well then, it only remains me to wish you to be rational and conscious in preparation for Christmas. Spend this time in atmosphere full of warmth and love with your family.
Till the New Year!

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