I found my poncho MYSTIC during this spring inventory of my wardrobe – the first gift I received right after becoming a SUPGIRL Because I dreamed of having such a beach outfit since I was a child, being afraid to damage it affected the frequency of its use. As a consequence, the poncho mostly hung in the closet than it was worn. It was finally forgotten when I expanded my collection with another COLORSHAKE and 7804 brands.

I decided to change it this year. So I take an opportunity to show you another model. The SUP season has already begun so it is proper time for you to include such a gadget in your shopping list.

I appreciated the practicality of the poncho immediately. I don’t know any better way to change clothes fast and easy. I discovered its warming function when I started floating out of season too, which turned out to be beneficial for my body cooled by surfing during autumn aura or long SUP trips in Winter.

Poncho MYSTIC is the simplest model in my collection kept in a minimalist design. The logo, located on the chest, is the only decorative element. A hood and large kangaroo pocket additions that I always use. Maybe the grey colour is not feminine enough yet it hides dirt very well.
Poncho was made of microfiber – light and soft material. It is gentle for the body so I’m not afraid to put it on hurting or irritated by the sun skin. What is important, it absorbs water very well and dries fast. Crease resistance is another advantage of the material thanks to which I’m free from remorse every time when I push the poncho into my backpack or throw it casually on the back seat of my car.

I don’t have a more universal outfit in my closet. It also diversifies the content in my wardrobe as a pyjamas, housecoat, dress, coat. It serves me not only before or after session on the water but also in everyday life. This is my third hand that supports me in various circumstances as walking, shopping, coffee in the city or else.

Why not?

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