End of holidays

It is hard to persuade me not to go surfing. Neither weather conditions nor my family snide comments can discourage me from going to the seaside even if it means only short time of joy on the board.

It was a good decision to spend the last two days of holidays on the Baltic although taken spontaneously. I feel I couldn’t have finished my holidays in a better way.

I was worrying about my body condition more than the weather to come. I didn’t know how my organism can react to yet another physical effort. Spending two weeks of September actively on sightseeing Dorset (Great Britain) plus exploring the south – west part of Poland took its toll.
However, the view of the beach and waves had a regenerative effect on me and new energy filled my body as soon as I stood on the board. I was happy like a child when I managed to get clean slide – reaching the beach without falling off into the water. Catching a wave and feeling its speed under my feet was the greatest experience for me which accelerated my heartbeat and pumped adrenaline.

Apart from this – silence, peace, empty beach … It was beautiful.

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