My long May weekend

I didn’t expect that my stay on the coast would take longer than I had planned. It was the second week of my long May weekend. As long as I follow my job duties, I may continue on line work in a ‘private office’ located near the sea.

What is interesting, my lifestyle here isn’t much different from the one I have in Szczecin. I turn the company’s laptop on at seven in the morning. I usually finish my work after eight hours. Then I start living on my own: cooking dinner, doing some sport, going to have coffee. I spend every afternoon outside. The desire to stay close to the nature is stronger than wind or rain. I love walks in the forest which help me reset my brain after mental effort. And the beach has become my living room where I exercise, read books and watch the only program “Sunsets” – the series broadcast live every day.

However, SUP-ing on waves gives me the most enjoyment. I have unlimited access to the sea here and I use it whenever I want. What else is important I don’t waste time to travel. I have three boards with me so I’m prepared for any possible event. I gained the most of my skills and SUP experience floating on the Baltic Sea. That is why I’m glad to learn my new Red Paddle Elite 14’0 “x27” board in more demanding conditions.

I like being alone here. I would like to throw the phone away, turn Wi-Fi off and treat myself to detox from civilization. I don’t mind lack of company. I rather keep off people, because whenever I see rubbish in the forest and on the beach, I have the impression that we believe in different values so I have no need to talk to them. I have more respect for my new neighbours – birds that visit me on the balcony every day. It doesn’t bother me their curiosity because I’m interested in their life as much as they are in mine.

It is true that the place matters. It is enough to change the neighbouring and the daily routine stops being awkward. For me it is a temporary break which I appreciate because I rarely can manage to escape from the city. The longer I stay here, the less I feel like coming home.
This is the taste of life that I always dream when staying on the Baltic coast. Maybe someday I will be an owner of a house on a cliff with a glass veranda and a view at the sea.

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