23rd October 2017 will have been a year, since I quit the position of assistant designer, closing the hydroengineering part of my life.
It was a big lost for me to leave a satisfactory job, fulfilling my ambitious …
Nevertheless, it was as it happened.
You need to find conclusions from the lesson and create yourself in a new reality.
Thy is why I called it balance, which may save you possible disappointment.

5 things I owe my previous employer:

  1. ability to work in the profession, in the specialization I studied at the university of technology,
  2. being in many projects related to hydroengineering, as well as industrial constructions, geotechnics, foundation or environmental protections,
  3. learning new skills as an universal worker, becoming apart from being an assistant designer a secretary, provider, accounting clerk, even cook,
  4. taking part in conferences and meetings,
  5. making friends with people I have never expected to be close to me before.


5 necessary things, which let you go to work willingly:

  1. joining a good team,
  2. getting equal treatment from the employer,
  3. equal sharing responsibilities,
  4. money for all employees according to the employment contract at the same time,
  5. good working conditions to employees.


5 things that will keep your conscience clean:

  1. don’t expect recognition from the boss – after all, work is your duty,
  2. make your work above the private life,
  3. don’t blame yourself for failures in your company,
  4. be responsible with identifying yourself with the company,
  5. most responsibilities lie solely within competence of your boss, so don’t try to be too “good” competent.


5 truths and more from business life:

  1. you always become bad and inappropriate employee, whenever giving boss the termination of job agreement,
  2. the more you show that you are capable to do, the more work will get,
  3. when you agree to work after hours or express your availability on a weekend at least once, this occasionality will turn into an obvious for the boss routine,
  4. work according to your conscience, so that you never have anything to complain about yourself,
  5. it is wonderful if you are kind – hearted but it would be much better to be tough and assertive,
  6. never be tolerant for job’s absurdity,
  7. the boss is not God, only human, and you are not a slave,
  8. the expression “you must” is just a form of intimidation of you. It is much better if you want to do something.


Think about it. Hope it would help you to be reasonable employee.

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