End of SUP Season 2018

The autumn has been teasing me. It surprises me with the weather serving mostly difficult conditions especially during weekends when I plan to SUP. Of course sunny, warm, calm days often occur during the week when I work. Hm, coincidence?
The cold hasn’t been a problem for me since I floated in my wetsuit, whereas rain and wind spoil my SUP plans making me to put them off to the next free days. Floating during the week is out of the question. Days are short, it gets dark quickly. The feeling of losing time makes me angry the most because I’m aware that I will have to finish the season finally. I postpone this moment from week to week. The autumn aura is not my ally not only in floating, but also staying healthy. The first autumn cold is behind me. It made impossible practising my favorite sport for almost all October long. Since then it has become the main argument, often used by my family, to persuade my crazy ideas. Despite of their argument I pack the gear to my car unimpressed and drive to the lake.

I promised myself that I will give up floating on SHARK at the moment too much risk or when the cold aura comes. Today, on November 21nd, 2018, I made the final? decision to finish the SUP Season 2018.
It had been a beautiful 8 – month adventure, full of challenges, tears and sweat in overcoming my fears, weaknesses and barriers. I gained confidence on the board thanks to more than six – month training. I became more courageous. The increase of my body awareness, better coordination, enhanced hand muscles have improved my rowing technic making floating more effective. The next benefits of this year efforts on the board are: new skills in dealing with waves and staying calm in difficult situations.

I started The SUP Season 2018 on May 1st, at the 381 km of the Baltic coast when the air temperature wasn’t higher than 15°C, and the water not more than 10°C.

The first attempt to finish the season took place at 378 km of the Baltic coast, on November 4th. I wanted to make it special because it supposed to be the last entering on my board. I organised all day trip to the seaside to let myself feel the freedom and bring joy playing with waves for the last time this year. The air and the water temperature was equal that day, only 10°C. I strongly believed that the sun would appear at least for a moment. Despite that it was beautiful. I even plunged into the water on which I burst with laughter, instead of thermal shock, immediately after the water got inside my wetsuit.

I floated on Głębokie lake in Szczecin on November 11th celebrating 100 Years of Poland regaining Independence. The thermometer showed only 10°C even though the misty sun was shining on the sky.

I stood on my board a week later on November 18th. I didn’t miss Sunday floating despite freeze in the morning. The temptation to check myself in such extreme conditions was stronger than fear of fresh air and temperature -3°C. It was hard challenge worth doing it. It had so much fun.

As you can see I’m hopeless in closing the season. Or maybe it is lack of my inconsistency. Have I been floating for the last time this year? I don’t think so. If my wetsuit gives me some thermal comfort when paddling in 10°C, it means that I haven’t said the last word yet. I know that only: an arctic cold, rainstorms, gales, blizzards can keep me at home.
My dream about SUP-ping on calm sea during frosty, sunny day and admiring the shore covered with snow hasn’t been fulfilled yet. Maybe I will try it this year?

I may feel pity for those who have already dropped the gear down in the dark corner. I sympathise with them in pain cheering them up that just 4 months left till the spring.
See you soon!

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