Survive Winter. The Introduction

I would like to dedicate today’s and other 2 posts to my friends I owe my awakening, after our meeting in December, how the physical activity goes down weather conditions. I heard: “No, I’m too fat”, “I go when my cellulite disappears”, “I have nothing to wear” and “I don’t want to” when I suggested going together to the swimming pool or the fitness room. Embarrassed and feeling angry I didn’t hide my disappointment with their “no”. I knew that I was left alone in the battlefield for keeping fit without any women’s support.

Surviving Winter is a torture for me, as I’m a warmlover person who needs at least 20°C to live, not only due to the weather but also limited possibility to float on my SUP board. I’m unhappy when I’m not on the water. I extend the season year after year which is a feat for me and I still don’t know how I manage to change in my wetsuit outdoor and float on my SHARK in temperature below 3°C. Ignoring the reality of the cold? Determination? Addiction? Maybe foolishness as my mother says.
I believe to have a chance to wet my paddle during some weekend until the water gets frozen.

How to find yourself without SUP-ping during off-season?

How to stay fit during Winter?

I have been trying to find the solutions since January. I don’t know how to put together both the obligations and physical activity. Days are too short for all my plans realisation from to do list. I’m made to prioritise them usually putting my job and the blog on top.

A good plan is basic. I have been working on my sports graphic which I intend to follow consistently until the end of April 2019. The Winter time and a Spring may be the best part of a year for me to return to the left behind sports on the one hand as well as to keep fit and be physically ready for the SUP Season 2019 on the other. The last one is what I care for the most.

Do you complain about the lack of time and motivation? Are you too lazy to go out home when is cold outside? So do I. However, I won’t waste my time spending on the sofa.
That is why, my Dear Ladies, I’m searching for interesting ideas to survive Winter in an active and nice way. I feel that my propositions will meet your expectations. Any pleas won’t be accepted, especially rubbish explanations like those from the beginning of this post.

Are you ready for action? I’m relying on you!

Look for the first proposition in the next post!

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