Another year, another cake

“Celebrating birthdays is a whim” – it was my mom’s saying which I heard when finishing 35. I didn’t agree with her opinion. I keep to my beliefs.
I continue tradition organising a modest birthday meeting for my closest ones. My guests got used to situation that I take advantage to the event to catch up with seeing my friends.

Another occasion has been put into my party calendar recently. My blog’s anniversary is a good reason to meet family and friends. I allure my guests with coffee and cake to share this special day for me with in nice company away from everyday problems.

I celebrated the second anniversary of Engineer on High Heels quite early this year because on Sunday, August 18th. Summer aura made organization of the birthday outdoor of Przystań na kawę café possible which let the event get street-off character. The smell of cake and coffee tempted passersby so those who wanted to join the party were more than invited guests. We spent great time chatting not only about engineering and SUP.

The Sunday event allowed me to express gratitude to my loved ones who help me develop my SUP passion. Achieving the success in the Planet Baltic SUP Race 2019 let me realise that I wouldn’t be in this place if not my parents help. Their support and financial assistance when buying SHARK – my first SUP board – made me survive the most difficult period in my life. My participation in the race was possible due to my ‘trainer and manager’ who not only floated many kilometers with me before I learned the paddling racing technique but also solved all logistic matters of going to Kołobrzeg that I could focus only on the competition.

I’m so pleased that the party could have been organised once again in the place which affected my life so much. Thank you, Mrs. Joanna, for this opportunity. Special compliments to the entire crew of Przystań na kawę for dealing efficiently with the chaos created by us and fulfilling our needs not letting us run out of anything.

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