The closure of 2017

It is good to take a break from daily routine. Let yourself to detox from work, get rid of bothering problems despite the fact that they will be returned as new ones. It is good to forget all everyday troubles, get out from the comfort zone because only then you may look at your position and recognise what you really need in life.

I may truly admit that I don’t regret my decision of quitting my job in October 2016. I got a lot of time for myself and found new challenges in return. I didn’t expect that receiving compensation from my ex – employer would last till autumn 2017 and wouldn’t be completed successfully. I spent most of my time learning law concerning employment. I felt stressed and not willing to act while waiting for decisions, courts, sentences.
I was looking forward to end my problems and close that chapter of my life as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, it went wrong. I treat it as a main failure in last year. Because I try to ignore the past to avoid neither transferring it to present nor spoiling the future, I may confess that I should have spent this time more productive. I wasted too much time sleeping, lying on the couch, staring at ceiling, watching TV.
Did anything else go wrong last year? Probably not.
My motivation and activity – not only physical – have grown to the maximum of my abilities since Shark (SUP board) appeared in my life.

In 2017 I managed for the first time to:

  • learn Inventor program,
  • excavate church’s foundation using a shovel,
  • produce lavender cosmetics,
  • float on SUP board,
  • get to know a beautiful, smart and friendly surfer from United Kingdom,
  • develop my own SUPGIRL logo,
  • design sport clothes for SUP,
  • create my own blog, which was related with picking up new skills in photography, photo editor programs,
  • prepare dessert with Chia seeds with mango,
  • cook cauliflower in red curry,
  • run the distance of 4km in 27 minutes.


I found time in 2017 for:

  • reminding myself the use of Norma Pro program,
  • extending the knowledge and gaining experience in specialization of geology,
  • learning English,
  • learning Serbian – Croatian language,
  • jogging.


I made my dreams come true in 2017:


I think I can be proud and happy. I didn’t know that such big potential was hidden in me. Outburst of creativity would never have happened if I hadn’t changed my life in October 2016.

How about You? Been successful last year?

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