Poole is cool!

It has been my fifth night in Poole, Dorset, and I still can’t believe that I wake up in my friend’s house.

Confusion often appears when seeing your wish comes true. It makes you powerless and you really don’t know how to react in the situation.
Such blackout of consciousness happened to me when I noticed Nadia waiting for me at the bus station. I couldn’t stop my tears while greeting. I couldn’t believe that our common holidays would have ever worked out. We finally did it. We saw each other after one and half year which passed since our last meeting in Szczecin. I missed my SUPGIRL a lot.

We have only a week to enjoy our company and capture lost time. That is why our holiday plan is overloaded with pleasure with SUP on top.

I’m running out of time to write more. Hope photos will pay you off this short post.

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