Where to buy?

It doesn’t make any sense writing about obvious matters. However, I decided to devote a separate chapter of the SUPGIRL Guide how to buy a SUP board basing on my own experience.
My aim is to warn my Readers how to avoid things which could make buying more difficult. I prefer you to have one’s choice. You decide where you want to buy your first SUP board.

No surprise that you can buy an equipment in a high street shop or via the Internet.
I order books and animal food very often on-line, but I am skeptical while buying sport equipment or simply expensive items in this way. My doubts concern mostly the quality of received product as well as the factual condition after delivery.
It happened to regret over broken lampshade, too small roller blades, damaged fridge’s housing which were bought on the Internet by my friends. The trouble to waste time making returns, exchange damaged products proving that defects were not caused by the buyers intensified theirs disappointment and rage.

I decided to save myself such experience. The need of professional support when buying equipment for myself was caused by my limited knowledge about SUP boards and lack of basis in this sport.
A decision to buy a board in a high street shop seemed to me the most appropriate way, all the more so because I had only 1 km to the nearest one. That is how I got to the Energy Sports store.

Thanks to boy’s involvement I could see closely, touch and what was important lift each model offered. Believe me, the weight of a board matters and influences the final choice. I insisted on a model chosen by me until I lifted it. Carrying “the giant” from my car to the water seemed to me unreal. It was just too big and heavy for my girl’s arms. I gave up, I picked out another one. I changed my mind once again about the type of board construction. I was focused on buying a hard board ignoring the need to adapt my car to transport such equipment. I came round my mind when I stood on inflatable board. My concerns about a hardness (stiffness) of this type of board construction were resolved. I expected a similar impression as standing on a mattress – that is collapsing under my weight. Nothing like that happened. In addition an inflatable board was in range of my pocket money.
I was surprised by the possibility of renting SUP for tests or simply try this sport before making the final decision of buying. It is very beneficial option for beginners. I ignored it being sure that I want to do this activity for 100%.
To my delight the training in handling the board was included in the purchase of the equipment. I was taught the use of it paying particular attention to pumping. Despite being an engineer this technical aspect of SUP was the most overwhelming. I was grateful for showing me how to handle it.

Advice, practical tips of the board use and floating techniques were equally valuable. I was emotional about the occurrence of possible technical board’s defects preventing it’s use were immediately gone by providing a one-year warranty on an equipment I bought. Boys did good job. I left the shop being pleased and inspired with great enthusiasm for this sport. At the end I became the owner of the second hand, inflatable, allround SUP. I have been a satisfied user until today.

Unlike buying in a high street shops we really have an unlimited choice while shopping on the Internet. Besides being able to choose the best set up for your needs, you also have more choice regarding design. The most important factor is the technical one but having an unusual design could mean you will stand out on your board when you are out on water paddling.
We can order SUP from the other end of the world, the only limit is money. Prices in on-line stores are competitive. It is popular practice to check the product “live” in store so you can order the same or similar cheapest one on the Internet immediately after returning home. It is great to find an identical one on-line. If not, you are to find a substitute. Board are uneven which you risk of a product’s quality and it’s compatibility with the offer. You do not know in what condition a parcel will be delivered to your hands. The bothers such as: return of the thing, complaints will require your involvement which means that you will waste your energy following a formal matters instead of taking an advantage of this time by splashing out on SUP.
Of course it is no sure that it will happened. However, I want to warn you about possible risk you may take while buying a set up on the Internet.

As a beginner surfers you should look for a professional service guaranteeing a technical support while choosing equipment for yourself. It would be perfect to see and touch, even test a SUP board before making up the final decision regardless the place you buy. It is good to be aware of what you pay for especially that prices of both new and used boards are high. It is sometimes pointless to save money just to buy a cheaper one. Good quality of your equipments let you be satisfied users.
Do you have any high street shop with SUP equipment in neighborhood? Start from that. If it doesn’t meet your expectations search for a desired SUP board on-line.

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