Summer in the city


  • I need the blanket laying on my sofa during a lazy afternoon,
  • I feel cold when floating on my SUP board,
  • I’m in mood for: a hot bath, warming my feet with woolen socks, recovery by sitting in an armchair, warming up being wrapped in a blanket and a glass of quince liqueur in my hand after floating on my board,
  • I take an evening walk with my dog in the light of street lamps not the fading dusk sun rays,
  • I start prefer hot tea (with lemon, ginger and honey) to cold drinks,
  • it is dark outside when I get ready to work,
  • I more often hear the choir of wild geese flying over my head

all these mean that the summer is coming to the end.
Those feelings grow a melancholy in me, which I increase by a song „Summertime Sadness” of Lana del Rey playing at least once a day. Except for the gloom the anxiety appears which I additionally provoke by my thoughts about the worst aspects of the autumn, so lack of sun and low temperatures. Deep inside me I reject changing my summer clothes into warm, uncomfortable ones. I don’t approve living in dark, cold conditions for the next 8 months. Such prospect makes me feel down. I don’t want to give up floating on my board. I don’t want to finish the SUP Season 2018. Following the weather forecast to plan the board trips for the next days have become an obsession for me. I would like to catch up every sun ray, enjoy every free moment, every chance to spend time on the water. The closer to the inevitable autumn, the more hungry I’m for SUP.

It will be very hard for me to get used to the life style in autumn after such sunny, dry summer. It had been 3 months of fantastic weather. Floating on my board let me catch the moments of breath and the balance in my life. This in turn proved to be the best option to survive the heat in the city. No holidays this year, so I experienced the charms of summer paddling on lakes in my neighborhood. I couldn’t complain for boredom but I missed the Sea.
July – August are months for me when I’m on my “sea rehab”, so I don’t go to the seaside. The worst period to spend free time on the Baltic Sea is during the school holidays. The things which stop me from going to the coast are: doing business in the beach resorts, the crowds, noise, odours, a lot of litter and above all traffic jams which extend the drive from 1,5 hour till minimum 3 hours.
I admit I made an exception this year. I was there twice: at the end of July – to spend at least a weekend with my sister and her family – and at the beginning of August – to slake my curiosity about the Planet Baltic SUP Race in Kołobrzeg. It was worth taking my SHARK and ride 3,5 hour to spend wonderful time in both cases.
I used to go to Kołobrzeg in business matters only. I’m glad that I returned to this town in private after 3 – year absence. I missed the Planet Baltic SUP Race last year accidentally. I didn’t let it go this year. I spent time on the beach as a looker, fan and SUP maniac on Saturday, September 4th. It was a good opportunity not only to scope the equipment (even with the possibility of testing), but also to verify my expectations about the race with the reality. I was impressed by organisation of the event and rescue medical service. The weather was great. The atmosphere was fantastic, the mood of the participants and the fans too. I had so much fun.

I cheered women’s competitions stronger than men’s. I watched with respect 4 girls, struggling with the waves, wind, determined to complete each of the 5 stages of the race. I was impressed by Małgorzata Cieplińska, the winner of this year’s edition. This girl is powerful. Respect!
Men’s challenges were equally exciting. The air was thick with testosterone. The competitors – with the strength of Poseidon, speed and reflex of the Spider-Man – crossed the waves with paddles like Zeus the sky with lightnings. The dramas such as: falls on the board, plungings into the water took place. The fight lasted to the bitter end. Finally, Krzysztof Mruk won.

I envied the participants. I could barely stop myself to return to my car for my own gear. The photos for the blog were an excuse I used after 2 hours of watching the event from the land. I don’t remember when the temperature of the Baltic Sea exceeded 22°C in Kołobrzeg. The warm water, waves were the best combination of conditions that made surfing a pure pleasure for me. Oh, I had so much fun. It was impossible to get me out of the water. It was awesome.
I think that the Planet Baltic SUP Race is a great campaign promoting this sport. It is a must event in my schedule for the next year no matter as a spectator or a participant.



Apart from the first anniversary of my blog (posts set in August 2018) the morning sunrises at the Baltic Sea for sure. It is worth overcoming my laziness. I do it every time when I make myself wake up at wee hours of the morning to admire solar disc coming up over the water surface. What is more, if I can experience the beauty of this wonder being on my SUP board … mmmm … it is all I need to be happy. I like to be hypnotized with colours. I like the dynamic colours as from Impressionist’s paintings. I love to watch how the nature is waking and warming up with the sun rays when the sun goes up. I’m fascinated completely although it lasts for a short moment. Being a spectator is a merit and satisfaction from experiencing such fleeting and unique moments.

I don’t forget how I tried to wake up for the sunrise during the last weekend of July. I overslept that Saturday one. I gave up Sunday one because of heavy overcast. The crazy one took place on Monday. I woke up 20 minutes before the sunrise. I sat on the bed without any idea what to do. SHARK was staring at me to get me to understand that we make it if I move my bottom. I pulled myself together in 10 minutes. I reached the beach running 1 km in another 10 minutes. Carrying my board is an achievement for me. I have never supposed that I would ever run with it in my life, in the darkness too. I’m glad that my mom didn’t see that. I had come the beach breathless – almost losing my flip-flops on the wooden stairs – I passed the beer tent, behind it’s corner I was supposed to see the beautiful sunrise. I threw the board, paddle I fell on the sand. Dramatic, long: “Noooooo! I don’t believe? Oh nooooooo!” came out from my chest as well as equally dramatic, inappropriate words, which I won’t cite here. Clouds. A lot of clouds. I found out after a while that I wasn’t alone on the beach. A mother with her daughter were sitting beside the tent, next to me. I was confused to ask the witnesses of my expressive entrée if it was possible that I missed the sunrise. What next: stay on the beach and wait, float on my board or get back to bed? I found a secluded place, I prepared SHARK, I sat to stare at the sea. Finally my instinct won so I went to float going against the wind as usual. I turned back when I reached intended distance. I froze seeing a spectacular view which was taking place behind my back. I was so focused on paddling that I didn’t notice when the sun appeared. I sat on my board. I involved all of myself in that moment. I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths. It was so quiet and peaceful. I felt like new energy filled my body. When the show finished, I got to the shore, packed my equipment and came back hungry. Feeling of well-started day I knew it would be very good and long day.



Definitely the purchase of wet suit. Woman always complains doesn’t matter what she buys: “I don’t like this model. Why is it this colour? Is anything else to try? It doesn’t suit. Too small. Too big. Too tight. Too loose. Maybe I try that previous one more time?”. Yep, I did that too before I chose the right wetsuit for me. I didn’t miss my favourites: “Is the cellulite visible?” and “Does my bum look big in this?” (this one is from “The Fast Show”). On September 4th, 2018 I became the owner of the Bahia wetsuit produced by O’Neill. I went to the seaside 3 days later. The wetsuit’s tests as well as beautiful weather were an excellent excuse to take a few days off and spend them on the coast.

I SUP-ed, walked, ate delicious meals, had a pleasure trying sweets every day. I got rest from my daily routine, I charged myself with positive energy. It was peaceful and quiet, although litters – a side effect of summer tourists presence – have still defaced coastal landscape.



This category wins the Vespa concert. Following the suggestion of my colleague we spent hot August evening on the meadow of Kana Theatre dancing, singing, having fun at the opening party of 23. European Cycle Messenger Championship ECMC2018. It is said that music connects generations. In case of Vespa even nations. Swing – rock’n’roll rhythms integrated the international audience. The language barriers didn’t exist that evening. The free atmosphere created by the band, fed by the leader Maciek’s ironic anecdotes, spread on everyone. The energetic voice of Lena the vocalist made the crowd dance. I felt as if I was mad not in the open air, but in a New York music club from the 1930s.
It was a very good idea for an evening chill out in the city.

The summer passed in a couple of shakes. The weather was fabulous, just perfect for my plans fulfilling. I was constantly on the run, I was always involved in doing something, as if I wanted to catch up for lost time. I craved for impressions, I absorbed beauty being grateful for the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments, floating on my board and running my blog which both I like most.
My head has already been full of ideas and plans for the next season. I can’t wait them to come. It is only 8 months. I can handle. It is nothing for me.

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