The beginning of the SUP SEASON 2018

I could hardly believe seeing a lake being frozen by a thick layer of ice on March 04th, 2018.
I remembered when I myself determined paddling on the board last Autumn. March came and here we are everywhere ice, ice, ice and ice-skaters. A bothering me question when I could finally go SUP remained unanswered then. Disappointment and sadness.
I spent every Sunday morning of March sitting on a pier. I had been waiting, being wrapped in blankets, heated by a hot water bottle, for the moment when the water in lake changes from ice-skating rink into a swimming pool.

While I was looking for the first signs of spring Nadia sent me her pictures of new boards and surfing on a SUP in Cape Town (Africa) and Poole (United Kingdom). As a result, I wound up even more.

My frustration grew stronger when another snowfalls came which made Easter looking similar to Christmas. It was unbelievable to see what was happening outside the window at this time of the year.

I gave up waiting … I decided on April 02nd, 2018 to start the SUP Season on the Baltic Sea in the first week of May regardless of the weather conditions. Preparing the equipment and getting physically fit was the best use of time left.

Spring appeared lazily and hesitantly at the end of the first week of April just like a sulky lady. Warm days were interweaving with frosty mornings and rainy afternoons. I was ready to resign from my decision and jump out on a quick flow on the lake before the fixed moment, especially when the air temperature exceeded 17°C. It was hard to me to sit in one place, only board, board, board in my head.
I overcame the temptation going for walks, exercising in the forest which I treated as boring and pointless in the time of crisis. I considered every sunny day as wasted being unable to spend it on SUP. I stopped entering the room where I kept the equipment just to keep my mental balance on my normal level. I closed the door with pain in my soul avoiding Shark’s questioning gaze:

This is how the last month passed. I managed to keep my determination till today.
It is May 05th, 2018.
I am at the seaside. The Baltic Sea is inviting.
Shark is waiting for me. I am ready too.
So jump on SUP.


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