Happy Anniversary

When getting round obstacles smoothly Boguslawa street with a cake in hand, wearing elegantly dress and high heels during Saturday morning (25.08.2018 r.) I realized that I feel stressed preparing “my blog birthday”. What if nobody comes? The defection entered my mind, possible canceling the meeting at the last moment would be an unforgivable faux pas.
Having to go last 500 m I repeated Shirin Ebadi’s words about appreciating the present as well as I encouraged myself with: “Magda, enjoy that you can celebrate such event. If you survive it, you will be richer with new life experience”.
I reached the café Przystań na kawę (previous name Stojaki) calmly. First guests came on time. The weather was lovely. It was a sunny and warm day so we could enjoy the party outside. It was minimalistic and very intimate.The taste of the Viennese cake was enhanced with delicious coffee.

I didn’t believe in possibility to organize the meeting in the place of old Stojaki until that moment. I was shocked when I learnt in March that the café would be closed at the end of the month. I admit, I didn’t want to set the first blog anniversary anywhere else than in a place where – as a matter of fact – I started my “new life”. I’m glad that this distinctive visually and atmosphere, almost 25 square meters place got another chance and the new owners managed to bring back in a slightly different, “hydrotechnical” style – which I personally enjoy very much. I sighted with relief when I got Mrs. Joanna’s approval to organize the event there. I am grateful. Those who know me are aware how much it means to me.

I was pleased watching how people, who help me running my blog every day, talk to each other, laugh, especially that is has been our first meeting as a team. Although Nadia was absent, I believe that we will catch up the lost time on another date. I appreciate that we managed to spend this unique opportunity together. It’s great to know that such wonderful people support me.
Meeting the readers of my blog personally was an unusual experience for me. Priceless. I finally believed that people really follow my writing.

When I saw carefree guests integration, it came to mind how I and Nadia enjoyed time in Stojaki on Saturday morning a year ago, sipping as usually: me – a hot latte with a swan of love, she – equally hot flat white. Meeting her in my life was a cause and in effect it brought to life my blog. Something that was unimaginable a year ago exists now. It is the evidence that something unreal may become a reality later. You see how your work gradually takes a shape, evolves to give you in return in unique moments: joy, pride, fulfillment. It feels cool.
When my guests went homes, the party chaos was cleaned, emotions were over I got into my car
without intention to come back home. I took off my high heels, stretched my legs. I closed my eyes with the only one desire that today’s event wasn’t a dream.

At the end of my post I would like to thank the guests for coming and those absent for wishes and congratulations the amount of which exceeded my expectations.
I would like to express special thanks to Mrs. Joanna and the entire crew of the café for the professional service during the event and also for help to fulfill my dream. Everything was perfect. Thank you.

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