Planet Baltic SUP Race 2019

Excuse my short post today but I gave myself a few days of relax to recover my body and cool down emotions – still on after so active Saturday in Kołobrzeg.

I find SUP races on the sea as the most exciting combination of sport and the water which I have had a chance to experience during the Planet Baltic SUP Race – the only one such event in Poland. This year’s edition was special for me because I belonged to women’s group starting in the OPEN (for amateurs) category. It has been my first participation in SUP competition ever and the first such intensive day spent on the board.

Eight women and seventeen men appeared on West Beach in Kołobrzeg on Saturday, August 3rd, 2019 to improve their skills in floating on Stand Up Paddle boards on the Baltic Sea.
Four obligatory starts were organised within the Planet Baltic SUP Race 2019:
– two technical sprints – U shape distance up to 800 m,
– two long distances – M shape distance about 1000 m.

Men’s technical sprint in the PRO (for professionals) category at 11:45 started IIIrd race edition.

The weather was great, the Baltic stayed calm all day which let each of the four stages of the race take place without any disturbances.
Although the water was almost flat not everyone returned to the beach dry. Maintaining the balance and keeping concentration were skills to be improved by those taking part in the PRO category which required to pass distances only in standing up position.

The most exhausting were the long distance races. An enormous effort for almost everyone was the run with the board in hands round the flag situated on the sand on the beach in the half of the distance. Marek Rowiński – the race referee – provided real runmagedon. Even twice.   

Women – men relay race was organised for the first time which I hope will continue in the Planet Baltic Sup Race program for good.

The Grand Prix race was dedicated to competitors taking part in the races in Wałcz and Pamiątkowo within the Polish SUP Tour 2019.

Downwind – the race with the start line on the sea, 2000m away from the beach – was the closing part of the Planet Baltic SUP Race 2019.

Business used to be the reason of my visits in the Yacht Marine in Kołobrzeg, during rebuild of the complex too. However, I haven’t had a chance to admire the final effect yet. That is why I’m glad that Marina Solna Kołobrzeg was chosen as a place for rewarding the winners.

Each woman taking part in the OPEN category appeared on the stage this year. I stood on the top. Kamil Wołoszyn proved to be the strongest competitor among five amateurs.  

To be honest I don’t remember much from my appearance. Emotions and concentration on achieving my goals took over. Only the party after the race brought me back to the reality. It was a moment when I realised what I achieved. The first place is much more than I expected. As well as winning weekend for two in Dolina Charlotty Resort&Spa.

I can easily predict women’s race results when Małgorzata Cieplińska appears at the start line. Being my favourite repeated last year success winning all stages in the run in the PRO category. She is the winner of Polish SUP Tour 2019 too. The same titles got Patryk Kowalski.

Małgorzata Cieplińska and Łukasz Kwas are the winners of women – men pair relay race.

I would like to close today’s post by special thanks to: Marcin Koc – the Water Sports Academy MK Saling organiser – for amazing preparing the race and being professional announcer, Marek Rowiński – main referee – for setting ambitious routes and running the event efficiently, guys from the Maritime Search and Rescue Service in Kołobrzeg for watching over the competitors safety.

Planet Baltic SUP Race are you – starters. Thanks to you it was great to overcome my weaknesses with you. Do you feel that we have become one SUP family?

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