Winter 2019

My desire to float on my board during off – season already a year ago was suppressed with one sentence:

“No wetsuit, no SUP!”

Let me use a comic to present the situation.

I was naive thinking that teases would stop when I buy a wetsuit. The increasing of emotions which appear during every quarrel of my going SUP occur in winter months. I usually win. I lose only when I want to float on SHARK when I’m ill.

I started the winter unluckily having a cold. I opened the Christmas Eve with a large mega pack of tissues. A 13th ‘traditional’ dish – a health cocktail: a mix of vitamins and medicine to decrease the temperature was only for me. My family stayed deaf to my ideas of floating on SHARK during my illness. I gave up despite having strong anxiety to go to the seaside. It was very difficult to me to accept the situation which took my eagerness to do anything away. I was moving around the house away being grumpy like a child who wasn’t allowed to go outside. I surpassed my small niece at being fussy.

I walked round my favourite lakes, I sat on piers wondering how to survive the winter actively during my recovery and waiting for good SUP conditions.

I took up the SUP yoga and SUP fitness classes in my training plan for good after having experienced the experimental lessons. I spent weekends outdoors doing nordic walking in all weather conditions.

I stood on my board only 19th January 2019, two days before my flight to Norway. What was funny Głębokie Lake was covered by ice in 60 %. I managed at the last minute. It froze totally the following day. Floating was possible after ice breaking action which made the trip more attractive. It was pretty cool 2 hours on the water, alas finished with unfortunate incident. My sport’s overzeal was punished. I broke SHARK’s fin which almost cost me to suffer a heart attack. The further floating was doubtful.

With this feeling I had gone to the land of cold and snow. I experienced real winter in Norway. Lack of sun, frost and snow, practically continuing for 10 days of my stay, motivated me to work. I relieved the consequences of intensive day at work in the sauna and pool, treating swimming as a way of physical activity. Only at the weekend I was able to rest and regain my strength before reaching my professional goal next week. I used the ‘hygge’ philosophy starting my day from a moment for myself. I sat in a comfortable chair with soft pillows and a cup of tea in my hand. I watched the snowflakes dancing outside in the warm glow of a lamp, preparing myself mentally for getting out of the hotel. Saturday was the day of an outdoor trip to the Kjennerudvannet lake and Sunday was the day of architectural reconnaissance in the area.

I satisfied my touristic curiosity in Oslo as well, during the return trip to home. My goal was The Oslo Opera House which was prized for the contemporary architecture Mies van der Rohe award in 2009 (the same was given to The Szczecin Philharmonic Hall 6 years later). Location of the object in the very center of the city, with close water surrounding make it unique, whereas body and interior of the building create a spectacular impression.
Of course wherever I see water I have a vision of floating on the board. SUP in Norway? I say yes to it.

My coming back home meant to me returning to customs and habits. Apart from work and running my blog I was checking the weather forecasts for days off as usual and waiting patiently for the ice to melt. I solved my problem with SHARK’s damage ordering the fin in the SurfMix store at the end of the first week in February. Express delivery of the item 5 days before the weekend allowed me to plan a trip to the seaside. I was pleased even more seeing an optimistic weather forecast unusual at this time of the year. On Saturday, February 16th I was launching the board in full sunshine, air temperature 9°C, wind force 5 m/s, having planned 8 km trip Rewal – Niechorze – Rewal. It was great to feel the space, freedom that only the sea gives me. Swinging in the rhythm of waves, sounds of the sea and seagulls, resting on the beach at the foot of the lighthouse, drinking hot tea sitting on a wooden pile of the breakwater, collecting shells – all these were the moments which made me feel lucky. I live for them. The return trip to Rewal, unfortunately against the wind, was the most gruelling part of the trip. Fighting with a small waves during the wind is nothing pleasant at all. The energy loss of the body is enormous, I cracked up strength quickly. In such situations I realise how important it is to be prepared for the season and keep the form then. Floating on the sea is also a good lesson of SUP – ing in troublesome conditions.
The reward for my courage and determination was a dinner in the Wy&Spa restaurant in Pobierowo to recover my stamina. My obligatory menu is: fish soup, apple pie with ice cream and coffee. The way back home passed in silence, just like the rest of the evening. I was dead by 10:00 pm.

I chose Stolsko Lake for the next water walk, which I consider to be the most beautiful natural place in the neighbourhood, so I’m not surprised that it has been under the Natura 2000 protection  program. I pick this reservoir when I want to watch the wildlife more than float. Although the lake is small, it takes about an hour to circle it, it provides many attractions and unforgettable impressions. SUP-ing with swans, chirping birds, spectacular illusions in the sky unusual cloud combinations are the most splendid for me. I experience every time, in every season of the year. I prefer to float in spring before the water vegetation growth which limit access to some parts of the lake in summer. Still, it’s worth seeing the reservoir at this time of the year. I haven’t seen any largest expanses of water lilies apart from. An opportunity to admire the eighteenth – century Palace in Stolec from the water, which is my favourite historical object in the region, is an unquestionable advantage of floating on Stolsko lake.

Today is an astronomical spring beginning. I would like to float to it calmly, on my board in full sunshine. I hope for a good SUP joy that I have had since mid – February. Since the winter is mild this year, there is a chance to start the SUP Season 2019 already in April. I feel that such possibility is real.

In addition to developing my sports skills, I’m going to focus on my personal and professional advance, preferably by participating in conferences and workshops. It would be perfect to combine all of them at the same time like I did it at the Water Sports and Recreation Fair Wind and Water in Warsaw at the end of February. Except for acquiring new knowledge in the marine/yacht industry and updating information in hydroengineering, I got to know about new products on the water sports market, being in touch with people promoting SUP at the same time.

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